By now, you should have worked with our sales team and integration team to connect your application to your tee sheet. You should have also received a URL and an email asking you to set your password. That was the hard part, this is where the fun begins!

First, we will dive into the dashboard in order to get a feel for your new system.


The look and feel of the dashboard depend greatly on the bundles that you have chosen. Here we will go through as if we have the All-In-One bundle.

Tee Times

This is where your data is pulled in from your current tee time provider. It gives you a live look at the data and allows you to select multiple players to send custom messages to. We think of this as the central hub. 

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On the messaging tab, you are able to handle all player engagement interactions. This includes two-way texting, sending custom messages, and creating groups to send custom messages too. You will be happy with the simplicity of it all!

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The review tab is where you will be spending a lot of time on our app (since you will be getting so many 5 star reviews!). The review tab is where you will be able to manage your reviews and respond to reviews on Google and Facebook. 

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Review Analytics

 Review Analytics shows you where you have been and where you are heading. This tab shows the overall effectiveness of your review generation and the effect it has had on your website traffic. 

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To set up your reminder texts, you will start here. This includes what the text will say and when you will send it. Set it and forget it! Except you won't forget it because you will be notified if someone can't make their tee time any longer and had to cancel. Open that time slot back up and watch revenue increase. 

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This is where you will set up your course name, email to send cancellation notifications to, review requests, and review links. Once you have this page set up, you are well on your way to running a fully functional SMS program!

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