This is a quick snapshot of your review settings under the settings tab. We will walk through each of these individually. 


This is what the review generation that is sent to players will say. We recommend keeping it short and sweet by simply thanking them for playing and request a review. 


The text message will include a link that when clicked, will bring up the review page options that you have selected. The text placed here will be placed above the link options. 


This is where you place the link to your contact page on your website. If the player has a bad experience, they will have the option to contact the course directly to get it resolved. 


We recognize that players don't want to be pestered to leave a review after each time they play the course. Especially if they play frequently. This allows you to specify which game you want the review request to be sent after. If you click more than one and the player leaves a review on the first request, then they will not receive another request even if more than one is selected. 

Review Links

Set up which review sites you want the player to have available to leave a review. This included Google, Facebook, and Golf Advisor. Set up all three or two or even one. When creating the link, there will be specific directions that will help you out.